HAPPY GUT, HEALTHY LIVES Summit ran from May 21–June 11, 2018. This Summit featured a roster of incredible speakers ranging from top functional medicine doctors, nutritional experts, mind/body leaders, best selling authors and a filmmaker  who shared their expertise, empowering you to achieve the health and vitality you seek and deserve in life. 

Experience these short life-changing audio interviews focusing on:

  • Amazing tools to reduce stress

  • Naturally eliminating symptoms such as pain, gas, bloating, heartburn, etc.

  • Achieving your optimal weight

  • Protocols of reversing disease for autoimmune sufferers

  • Fantastic tips on herbs and spices that will produce wonderful sleep patterns, great digestion, and so much more!


I am with you as I have very personal reasons for embarking on the journey that lead to my creation of this Summit: I lost both my mom and my sister to an auto-immune disease. Furthermore, in my career of patient advocacy, I have observed people struggle with quality of life issues trying to treat with methods of conventional medicine that have failed to meet their needs.


I longed to figure out what was missing and I knew there had to be something at the root of all of these maladies. That led to my research on our Gut and the discovery that the key to our health and vitality is how we process things through our body; from the emotions we experience to the food we ingest.​


Much Love,


         Diana Previs


The Gut-Immune Connection – Day 1

Dr. Will Cole, leading functional medicine practitioner, speaker, and health writer for international publications such as mindbodygreen.



Detoxing for Life – Day 2

Cherie Calbom, The Juice Lady!  Bestselling author, speaker, and authority on nutrition.




How Much Does Gluten Really Affect Your Gut? - Day 3

Ben Warren, leading clinical nutritionist of New Zealand, Founder, and Clinical Director of holistic health company BePure. (due to speaker agreement, excluded from package)



Raw Foods and The Gut/Brain Connection – Day 4                                                     

Carly Fraser, owner and founder of Live Love Fruit.    




Create the Mindshift for a Great Gut - Day 5 

Dr. Tracy Latz, Integrative Psychiatrist and Metaphysician and

Dr. Marion Ross, Transpersonal Psychologist and Metaphysician, partners in ShiftYourLife.com.



Cancer Prevention:  It All Starts in The Guts – Day 6

Dr. Heather Paulson, Board Certified Integrative Oncologist, Teacher and Bestselling author,




Learn Your Body Type to Find out the Best Foods for You – Day 7                           

Angela Warburton, renowned Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist




The Gift of Kombucha on Gut Health - Day 8

 Hannah Crum, bestselling author, master brewer, KKamp Founder, community educator, commercial consultant, trade association president, and Kombucha Ambassador to the world.




Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Prevent Cancer with “Nutritional Excellence” – Day 9

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Bestselling author and celebrity doctor, leading nutritional researcher and President of the Nutritional Research Foundation. (due to speaker agreement, excluded from package)



EFT- Healing Your Gut Emotions on the Cellular Level – Day 10

Stacey Vornbrock, renown psychotherapist and best-selling author, sports coach.




Cleanse Your Body and Soul With a Naked Raw Challenge – Day 11            

Diana Stobo, award-winning author, motivational speaker, leading raw food chef, health and wellness educator, owner/operator of The Retreat Cost Rica, and lead formulator of the Truth Bar.  



What 💩 is Saying About Your Gut Health? – Day 12

Tara Thorne, Functional Nutritionist and Certified Functional Nutrition Coach. 




Yummy Gut-Healthy Recipes Made Easy – Day 13                                                       

Holly Clegg, Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert and author of nutritional books.




Eating Right for Your Cancer Type – Day 14

Dr. Kim Dalzell, Oncology Nutritional Expert, international speaker, author.




Is your story making you sick in the gut? – Day 15                                                         

Dr. Mark Pirtle, renowned clinician, writer, public speaker, filmmaker. 




Learn about aliens within our gut – Day 16

Kiran Kirshnan, leading research microbiologist, international speaker




Good Gut, Bad Gut  – Day 17

Joette Calabrese, Expert in Homeopathy, International homeopathic consultant, author, educator and public speaker.



The Gut's connection to Autism, ADHD, and other LD's – Day 18

Melanie Christner, Leading GAPS practitioner and is certified in functional medicine. 




Where the mind goes, the gut follows – Day 19                                                        

Darrell Wolfe, The Doc of Detox!  A doctor of natural medicine and a medical intuitive.  He is the professor and the director of International Training Institute of Health.  



A Fit Gut Leads to a Healthy Life – Day 20

Cody McBroom, fitness expert and owner/operator of Boom Boom Performance Company. 




Toxic Relationships: Listen to your gut for when it is time to leave – Day 21

Jill Sherer Murray, speaker, author, and founder of TEDx Let Go For It.

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