What is

Manifestation Coaching

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. 

The ability to triumph begins with you- always.”

 ~ Oprah Winfrey ~


Manifestation coaching sessions consist of helping people self-actualize and create a shift to attain things you never thought possible.  


I will customize our sessions to align with what is on your mind as we focus on what tools you will need for your goal.   Depending upon your intent, we can establish a calibration of your life goals and get you tools to design a successful path for your future.  We can also have cumulative sessions to amplify and solidify your goals.  As our first step, we will have an initial assessment over the phone to determine location and session time.   Then as we meet, our sessions will be woven with my guided intuition and years of experience working with individuals and families.  


Coaching sessions are powerfully enhanced when followed with Reiki.  Although identifying our desires and the mental obstacles that hold us from our true selves can be brought out in consults, Reiki is able to provide the ability for the body to relax and start to heal on a deeper layer.   Combined sessions consist of spiritual consults then followed by Reiki to help lift the mind/body/soul to life, balance our chakras, and move through those limiting beliefs that can be restrictive to growth.


Change is constant, however, how we deal with change helps to define who we are and how far we can go in our life.  What are your expectations?  What are your limiting beliefs?  I have been told the Ancient Greeks only asked one question after a man died: did he live his life with passion?  Whether you are in the final transition of your life, just getting started, or having that periodic crisis, give yourself that opportunity to get the help to go to the next steps for happiness.  Ask yourself, if a stranger asked you what is your passion…what would you say?


I look forward to meeting you.


~ Diana