My name is Diana Previs. Welcome to the site!  I am a patient and life advocate for others.  This site is dedicated to providing information that will help people live healthier, happier lifestyles.  My journey has led me into the healing arts because of many wonderful opportunities that I have been blessed with.   

Having years of working in patient advocacy with human beings with cancer, I saw the need to help people heal from the inside out.  My interest is in empowering people to discover and fulfill  their life goals.  As a teacher of manifestation, I coach people to fully realize their potential in getting whatever it is their heart's desire.    In my consultations, I use life coaching techniques, the Law of Attraction, and my own intuitive ability to help people self-actualize and discover their thoughts do become things.   

As I write this, I am still amazed at the most magnificent manifestation I was able to achieve so far.  My father who was chronically ill lived across the country from me.  My wish for over three years was to be with my father at the time when he transitioned to the other side.  With the powerful techniques that I have learned, I was able to achieve one of the most meaningful experiences by  being with him in his final moments.   


Energy work in the form of Reiki was also incorporated into my practice in helping others facilitate their growth and healing.  Life experiences are full of stress that can lead to breakdown of our immune systems.  Stress is the number one immune compromiser that can lead to the  progression of disease.  Reiki and coaching combined can work together to heal the past, and lead you to walk to the future with a clean slate. 

In the past year, I created and produced an online series that focused on gut health, called Happy Gut, Healthy Lives   I interviewed doctors and professionals around the globe who gave answers about the gut brain connection and that our gut is the key to the immune system.  There are common threads to a life filled with quality and longevity.  


I have a wonderful addition that helps me in my journey, and his name is Samuel.  He is an English Golden Retriever.   Samuel is a four-legged healer.  His sweet disposition is truly comforting to anyone who touches  him.



 I am committed to empowering others to live their lives to the fullest and healthiest that they can achieve.   My gift is in my intuitive ability to help individuals to self-actualize as they release their limitational beliefs.  This is truly work that helps at the soul level.  What we feel in our heart is what we send to our mind.  What we send to our mind,  is what we manifest.  My goal is to help you allow yourself to discover all that is joyfully possible. 

With love and light,


About Diana