"Diana was a light in a dark time for my family.  Our Cousin of only 52 was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.   It was a wonderful first time experience to see my cousin interact with Diana.  She is genuine, kind, and knowledgeable in many aspects of healthcare and the Healing arts.  She made my cousin and myself feel comfortable and at ease.  Although I was there for the beginning of the spiritual consult session, I was told that he had a very nice Reiki session that was described as powerful following.  Afterward he was able to get up and engage in a family event as we celebrated the life of another family member we had lost in recent months.  We were able to have a family experience with my cousin who was ill leading the prayer ceremony around the tree at the home our family celebrated throughout the years."  

Lynn R.

"Diana is a true, natural - born healer. She's very perceptive and sensitive, knowing at a deep level which parts of my self need healing. 


After the recent loss of my father, Diana has made a significant impact in my life  and helped heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


The quality of my life has increased considerably since starting my Reiki sessions with Diana.I experience great peace on a daily basis, I feel grounded and connected with the world around me, my relationships with people are deep and genuine, I laugh a lot, and I have great confidence in myself. 


Diana is a Reiki Master in two senses.  Not only is she adequately trained and experienced, but she has found the balance and intuition to make Reiki a very human and personal experience for her clients.  Each session I've had with her has left me with new seeds of wisdom, messages she's channeled from above, which has nourished  my life with much serenity and growth.  The main thing I leave with, and the reason why I believe people like Diana  are angels, is great insight on how to make being alive a truly enjoyable and loving experience!


The  best part is that Diana does Reiki because it is her heart's work. She does this to share her tremendous gift with the world. She is kind and generous and I can't say enough good things about her! I am so glad I found her and highly recommend her! 


Thank you,"


Paulos B.

"You can feel Diana’s warmth and compassion as she carefully guides you through her professional Reiki session. As a disabled veteran with many muscle skeletal injures I am so thankful for her help. She seemed to intuitively find areas I struggle with. On her table I was so relaxed I felt like I was floating. For that day alone I could not be more appreciative for my time with her. What amazes me is the days immediately following my time with Diana, the painful and debilitating spasms in my neck and back continued to feel even better. For anyone with injuries and/or needing to emotionally decompress I cannot recommend Diana enough. She is a true healer. "



      Tom H. - Retired Veteran